Monday, March 26, 2012

Cute to Boot!

So... I've already decided that all my girls are going to be 
sporting beautiful blush dresses 
and of course, COWBOY BOOTS! 
I mean, how can I get married in a big, old barn... 
drinkin' out of mason jars 
and dancin' to country music... 
without my girls in boots? 
It's simply perfect! And, come on... they are going to rock them!
But now, the question is...
What will I be dancin' in?!?

At first I thought... I need to find me some stunning high heels!
But then...

...I saw this picture!
I mean, how can I resist?
I have always been more of a boot girl than a heel girl :)

So... what do you all think?
Should I match my maids and sport some cowboy boots? 
Or stick to heels?

1 comment:

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