ye olde barn 

{credits top} mikecpeckalbemar78kevin dooley
{credits bottom} jim eplerdan zen

Who doesn't love a big, old barn?
They are beautiful, rustic and charming. 
What better place to say our vows?

Mason Jars

{Credits: clockwise}
Darin HouseEmilio LabradorMaureen LunnJerineBrad Coy

I have a slight obsession with mason jars...


  1. I love ANYTHING with Mason jars! :)

  2. Whit I'm guessing you're planning on something downeast but I just planned a wedding in N. Yarmouth at the Barn on Walnut Hill and it was beyond gorgeous.
    xo Sarah

  3. Sarah,
    I'm actually working with Gail Landry- the owner of the Barn on Walnut Hill! She has a new property in Buxton! It is in the works, but I am pretty sure we are having it there :)

    And... I know, the barn in N. Yarmouth is to die for!