Love Story

A little about us and our future wedding...

I'm a Maine girl but I want a southern wedding!
There is nothing better than barbeque and sweet tea. 
Since my dad is from South Carolina, 
that is what my sister's and I grew up on. 
Southern living is warm. It's about comfort, camo and pick-up trucks. 
It's Maine- with a southern drawl.

I want to bring that feeling to my wedding. 
Soft and sweet colors, country music and home-style eats. 
A romantic atmosphere with lots of lace and pearls. 

But- if you know me, you know I'm far from a red-neck!
(I use that word with love.)

I'm just a southern belle at heart. 

photo by Heidi Turner Photography

I want to be a journalist. 
I have my mom's eyes.
I could live on my dad's hash and rice and sweet tea.
I'm always cold.

Photo by Heidi Turner Photography

He's a lobsterfisherman and wouldn't have life any other way.
He loves small-town living.
All he needs is steak and... steak.
My favorite thing about him is his beard and flannels. 
He's always hot. 

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  1. AA+ on your blog . . . Absolutely Adorable. Every section is so sweet and I can't wait for the big event. xo